Serving Patients Medical Equipment Needs Since 1996

A trusted wholesaler of durable medical equipment and medical supplies that will help improve the quality of your patients’ lives, Continental Health Equipment offers more than just a variety of equipment choices, we offer a vast knowledge base on medical equipment advanced technologies, training and maintenance that continue to support our clients. Continental Health Equipment has been very successful at crafting solutions that meet our clients needs for some of the most complex issues facing the healthcare industry today including:

  • Wound Management
  • Bed Entrapment
  • Bariatric Resident Management
  • Resident Fall Avoidance Programs
  • Facility “No-Lift” Programs

In order to successfully handle an issue in a timely manner all three of these elements must be addressed. Continental Health Equipment’s solutions help address each of these areas so there is no potential problems.


Our technicians and sales staff are highly trained, compassionate and dedicated, offering product education, demonstration and excellent customer relations.


All equipment is delivered, set up and tested along with technical education delivered. Continental Health Equipment’s technical staff is always available for all levels of support.


We can help assess facility needs to make sure the chosen medical equipment is the right solution, complete delivery and set-up of the equipment followed by facility in-service education.

Customer Satisfaction Followed Up with Customer Support

Serving the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland areas and Ohio, Continental Health Equipment works closely with leading manufactures of durable medical equipment and medical supplies in order to offer the most advance technology and training at affordable pricing, that you can find.

Feel free to email us with any questions or call our support line at 866.603.6598.