MicroAIR® 65P

MicroAIR® 65P


The Invacare MicroAIR 65P is a portable alternating pressure mattress with low air loss designed to treat and/or prevent pressure ulcers, otherwise known as bed sores. It is designed to replace a standard mattress. The Invacare MicroAIR 65 consists of a power unit, a power cord, a mattress, and a cover. This alternating pressure, low air loss mattress offers four treatment cycles and pressure monitoring. The Invacare MicroAIR 65 alternates in 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes cycles. Each cycle distributes air in an alternating cycle between 20 eight-inch bladders.

Additional information

Weight Capacity

650 / 1000 lbs.

Mattress Dimensions

80” x 42”/48” x 10”

Power Unit Dimensions

15” x 6.5” x 11”

Instruction Video

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