PulSTAR® Logix® DVT

PulSTAR® Logix® DVT


The Pulstar Logix Pump is designed to allow for single or dual limb operation. It has kink-resistant tubing with customizable pressure for effective and personalized therapy. Lightweight design, at 5 lbs. Color coded tubing for easy limb identification. Optimum therapeutic pressure customizes pressure to each limb. Safety connectors will not connect to other hospital equipment. LCD screen easily visible from multiple angles. Pause feature allows therapy to be suspended and resumed on demand.

Additional information

Product Weight

5 lbs.

Tubing Length


Calf Circumference

Calf Circumference of the Garment Sizes: Regular: 11” – 19”, Oversize: 19.25” – 26.5”

Foot Wrap Circumference

Regular: 7.5” – 12”, Large: 12.5” – 16”

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